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How will we make you more money?

An effective AdWords campaign needs a strong foundation. It needs holistic reporting so you can understand what keywords are generating which revenues and profits. By setting up a campaign properly at the outset you can save a lot of time and money over the future months and years of your campaign. You can depend on us to set up your campaign properly, and to manage it responsibly with continuous optimisation of your marketing funnel.

Understanding your customers is key

For any digital marketing campaign to work we first need to understand the customer journey. We will then recommend methods to reach your customers for the best ROI.

By examining the customer journey before setting up AdWords, and carrying out extensive keyword research in relation to these journeys, we have an understanding of the customer’s queries and we will choose those keywords we think will be effective in fuelling your marketing funnel.

Optimise for Profit

To maximise your ROI your AdWords needs ongoing optimisation: improving landing pages and ad copy to maximise conversions. But what are you optimising for? Many optimise for low cost per acquisition (CPA). Prima facie, this is sensible – because within Google AdWords / Analytics you don’t know which campaigns won you which clients.

Catch Media enables you to track individual users so that you know which keywords generated what revenue. Our reporting will tell you what keywords, times of day, ad copy, landing pages and devices are making you the most profit. Because not all leads are created equal, the performance of your keywords and landing pages is determined by your profit – not click-through rates, cost per clicks or even cost per acquisition. What do you care more about? Profit or cost per acquisition?

We Optimise Every Element Of Your AdWords Campaign


We find and test the keywords that provide the most return.

Device and Schedule

We will find the times of day give you the best return and which devices are delivering most.

Compelling Ad Copy

We will regularly update and optimise your ad copy, increasing your click-through rate and revenue.

Landing Pages

Your landing pages are important - that's why we continually test which ones are best.

Ad Extensions

Our clients make full use of ad extensions, to take up more AdWords real estate, increasing your CTR.

Realise Rewards

By obsessively optimising the above elements you realise compound savings - meaning your budget goes further and you maximise profits.

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