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How will we make you more money?

Facebook is no longer a free platform for businesses and publishers. Plenty of businesses invest time, and therefore money, in creating Facebook posts without spending money so that their target market sees them. It is a recipe for failure. Promoted posts and adverts are only worthwhile if they are having a positive impact on your bank balance. Imagine you had a team that could tell you what precise demographic and ad schedule and copy was profitable. This is what we deliver to our clients.

Understanding your customers is key

For any digital marketing campaign to work we first need to understand the customer journey. We will then recommend methods to reach your customers for the best ROI.

By examining the customer journey before setting up AdWords, and carrying out extensive keyword research in relation to these journeys, we have an understanding of the customer’s queries and we will choose those keywords we think will be effective in fuelling your marketing funnel.

Targeting That Minimises Cost And Maximises Conversions

Facebook Advertising shouldn’t just be a case of setting up campaigns and leaving them to work. We have found massive differences in conversion rate, account value, and ROI depending on time of day and target demographic. We help you pick your target demographic, then we obsessively monitor and optimise your campaign so it becomes more and more profitable.

Whether you are looking to improve your current campaign’s performance or launch a new product, we have extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We will make sure that your Facebook advertising campaign avoids those wasteful tactics which can hinder your wider efforts and instead guide you towards the most effective ways of making money. We will set-up your campaign according to best practice and optimise it from there – so you avoid those teething pains!

We Optimise Every Element Of Your AdWords Campaign

Clients Come First

We consider your client journey and how Facebook marketing fits.

Competitor Research

We will also look at your competitors to ensure your advert stands out.

Compelling Adverts

We agree the company message with you and create adverts which will drive sales.

Performance that Improves

Our campaigns are set up with continuous improvement in mind, so we can maximise your return by utilising actionable information.

Video that Excites

We create informative animated and live action videos that entice and excite your prospective customers.

Realise Rewards

By obsessively improving your content, adding new articles on your website and others, you are established as an authoritative voice - meaning your budget goes further and you maximise profits

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